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Sports Professors: The Power of Fan Activism in Sports Today

Episode Summary

Global Sport Matters Podcast Presents, in collaboration with Columbia University Sports Management: Sports Professors, where Professors Kenneth Shropshire & Scott Rosner discuss the 101 on what happened in sports business. Each episode gives you a quick recap of the past week in sports before diving deeper into a bigger topic to look at what's happening and why it matters. In their first episode of The Sports Professors Podcast, Kenneth Shropshire and Scott Rosner first examine the viability of the Olympics, which is set to take place in Tokyo this year despite rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the country and calls for cancellation by Japanese citizens. Next, the two professors dive into the impact of fan activism and the power people have to change the course of sports history. In the discussion they look at recent examples of fans halting the European Super League from moving forward and protests of Northwestern University Athletic Director hire Mike Polisky amid lawsuit controversy that led to his departure just 10 days into the job.

Episode Notes

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